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√ Anti Banned! Download the Best WhatsApp MOD APK 2020

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√ Anti Banned! Download the Best WhatsApp MOD APK 2020

WhatsApp is an application chat most popular at the moment. Recorded from various sources, billions users are monitored actively every day on the WhatsApp application.

Behind this success, not a few WhatsApp users have also complained about the lack of features, so many people try to use WhatsApp MOD to cover the flaws.

What is WhatsApp MOD?

For buddies TechIndia who have often used the MOD application on Android, surely they can immediately deduce what WhatsApp MOD is.

For those who don’t know, WhatsApp MOD is a modified version of WhatsApp, either adding more complete features, or simply replacing a different look from the original version.

WhatsApp MOD features

The more complete information about WhatsApp MOD features is as follows.

Advantages of WhatsApp MOD

1. Display

Compared default the original WA display that’s all, on WhatsApp MOD you will be released about the selected display, even the WhatsApp iOS display can be used on WA MOD Android.

This can be concluded in terms of appearance, it is certain that WhatsApp MOD outperforms this feature.

2. Privacy

It is undeniable, many WA MOD users choose to switch from WA Original for this reason.

In WhatsApp modification, you can change settings such as; hiding information On line, hide last viewed info, can hide info being typed, and much more.

3. Performance

On the WhatsApp MOD performance system is no less cool. The reason is because we can use WA outside the given system limits.

Like for example; can still see the message being pulled, can send HD photos or videos, even can send file sizes hundreds MB though, which we know on WA Ori can’t do that.

Lack of WhatsApp MOD

Behind WhatsApp MOD’s cool features, there are still shortcomings that can block users, such as:

1. Error-prone

Errors on WhatsApp MOD are very likely to occur. This is because this application is modifan from the original application. Plus WA mod is not supported by the developer, so there can be errors at any time.

2. Prone to Banned

The next drawback is prone to Banned. But you don’t need to worry, by choosing the right WA MOD application, along with the usage that is still limited, you will avoid the word banned.

Download the Latest WhatsApp MOD APK

Well, after you all understand the advantages and risks that might occur in WhatsApp MOD. Here I provide 19 of the best and newest WA MOD applications that you can download for free.

Please choose one of the applications that you think is best to install on your cellphone.

1. WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp MOD The first APK that I recommend is WhatsApp Plus. This application was developed by the developer Sams Mods but with a team named Official Plus.

One of the most famous features of this website is the Anti Banned feature, where users can relax without worrying that their WhatsApp will be stopped.

In addition to these features, you can also find features that are no less cool. Such as Sticker +, Custom + and WhatsApp Cleaner features. In addition, WA Plus also often holds feature updates, which certainly will have other interesting features.

WhatsApp Info WhatsApp Plus
Version 10.20
Size 54.8MB
The developer Official Plus

2. GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is almost similar to WhatsApp Plus which has many good features. Later you can hide your status on line, sending video files larger than the usual size, can even share more than 90 images at a time.

GBWhatsApp itself supports all Android devices and has downloaded up to one million downloads. This proves this application deserves to be nominated for the best WA MOD is not it?

WhatsApp Info GBWhatsApp
Version 10.20
Size 54.8MB
The developer Sam Mods

3. OGWhatsApp

OGWhatsApp is a trusted MOD application and is one of the first WhatsApp MOD that can run two WA accounts on the same smartphone.

OGWhatsApp application also has a number of features that are not less cool, even this application is also capable of sending large video and audio files.

WhatsApp Info OGWhatsApp
Version 8:30
Size 52MB
The developer Official Plus

4. YoWhatsApp

YoWhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD APK known as YOWA. This name is already quite familiar to the lovers of the MOD Android application.

WhatsApp YOWA MOD has unique features. YoWhatsApp MOD has a look like WhatsApp iOS, so you will feel like you have your own iPhone. In addition, the anti banned feature is also owned by WA MOD.

WhatsApp Info YoWhatsApp
Version 8.26
Size 54.7MB
The developer Fouad Mokdad

5. FMWhatsApp

By using FMWhatsApp, you will be able to use several numbers at once! Wow, it’s very rare to find an application like this for sure. But even so, FMWhatsApp offers low customization in themes.

It remains closed, moreover this FMWhatsApp provides cool options in chat chat. Plus, WhatsApp Mod can also send files up to 1GB in size and offer more than 30 types of chat styles.

WhatsApp Info FMWhatsApp
Version 8.26
Size 54.7MB
The developer Sams Mods

6. Fouad WhatsApp

As the name suggests, Fouad WhatsApp is the latest WhatsApp MOD APK application developed by Fouad Mokdad. In terms of features, this application is almost similar to YoWhatsApp which was also developed by him as well, certainly not disappointing.

Well, for those of you who are interested in using this application, you can directly download it via the link that I have linked directly to the official website of Fouad WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Info Fouad WhatsApp
Version 8.26
Size 51MB
The developer Fouad Mokdad

7. WhatsApp MOD iOS

There is another WA MOD that has the appearance of WhatsApp iPhone, WhatsApp MOD iOS. For those of you who are reluctant to use YoWhatsApp, this iPhone WhatsApp Mod can be one of your alternatives.

This application from the developer of Richar Correa uses the base of Yousef Al-Basha’s YoWhatsApp, so the features inside don’t need to be doubted.

WhatsApp Info WhatsApp MOD iOS
Version 8.25
Size 50MB
The developer Richar Correa

8. WhatsApp Prime

Next is WhatsApp Prime. WhatsApp Mod has a number of features along with themes and customization options that are quite simple, it is only natural that this application is small.

But this is a strategy to lure more users. So the developer only makes changes to the original application and names it Prime.

WhatsApp Info WhatsApp Prime
Version 1.2.1
Size 14.7MB
The developer CoolDroid

9. WhatsApp Indigo

Bored with the rigid look of the original WhatsApp? WhatsApp Indigo can be the solution. This is because WA MOD is modified with bubbles in various colors, such as Cyan, Crayon, Gray, Pink, and many more.

WhatsApp Mod is perfect for display lovers, especially for friends who are easily bored.

WhatsApp Info WhatsApp Indigo
Version 5.60
Size 32.3MB

10. WhatsApp MA

Treading in position Ten is WA MA. You can get a separate option to make standard calls if you use WhatsApp MOD.

Apart from that, you can also preview files with this WhatsApp Mod. There are more features to lock chat, activate dark themes, change font size, and private mode. Is it complete enough?

WhatsApp Info WhatsApp MA
Version 6.60
Size 36.8MB

11. GBWhatsApp Mini

GBWhatsApp Mini can be the best alternative solution for you who have objections to using the normal version of GB WhatsApp. Besides being lighter, this WA MOD also consumes less RAM and CPU.

Appearance of appearance, this application uses pure official WhatsApp Skin. But take it easy, the developer also provides options to modify the theme.

WhatsApp Info GBWhatsApp Mini
Version 6.85
Size 28.8MB
The developer Sam Mods

12. YCWhatsApp

YCWhatsApp is a WhatsApp MOD application like GBWhatsApp or YOWhatsApp which gives you a Buddy flexibility will be features that you don’t get in the official WA app.

What distinguishes YCWhatsApp with other WA MOD applications is a visual display that is very similar to Instagram. This makes many users seem to play Instagram through chat, interesting right.

WhatsApp Info YCWhatsApp
Version 4.0
Size 21.2MB
The developer Nickhollas Rodriguez

13. Soula WhatsApp Lite

Soula WhatsApp Lite is another WA MOD with more control over privacy and speed. This good application optimization can even be enjoyed by lower-class mobile phones though.

WA Soula WhatsApp Lite MOD has good options for customizing the appearance of graphics. Even this application has a number of emoticons, emoji packages, and stickers that can be updated.

WhatsApp Info Soula WhatsApp Lite
Version 6.20
Size 35.7MB
The developer Sommer Damous

14. ZE WhatsApp

With ZE WA MOD, you can get even more freedom to use the messaging application. This is because this application has many gifand cute stickers.

Plus privacy features are also quite strict and there is also WA Mod has advanced features for automatic message replies without having to read the message first.

WhatsApp Info ZE WhatsApp
Version 6.65
Size 32.1MB
The developer athfas hoak

15. BSEWhatsApp

BSEWhatsApp is WA MOD sourced from WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp. Therefore, BESWhatsApp can be said to be a combination of almost all of its functions.

In terms of UI, the BSEWhatsApp application has a clean look and clear, so it has a unique interface and elements.

WhatsApp Info BSEWhatsApp
Version 2.0
Size 42.8MB
The developer Alee TR

16. WhatsApp Tweaker

WA Tweaker is not actually a Mod, but it can help you to change and add features to your original WA.

So, WhatsApp Tweaker will make great option changes. But the conditions, my friend must get WA BETA that has been provided in the Google Play Store first.

WhatsApp Info WhatsApp tweaker
Version 1.5.4
The developer WA tweaker

17. Delta GBWhatsApp

Delta is a modified version of the GBWhatsApp application. The modified version of WhatsApp that was modified through Delta WhatsApp is also quite unique.

Delta GBWhatsApp has a fully updated user interface. The core functions and usage are also similar to GBWhatsApp, but in terms of appearance and customization options this WA Mod can be interesting again.

WhatsApp Info Delta GBWhatsApp
Version 3.2.1
Size 56.7MB
The developer Deltalabs Studio

18. WhatsApp Pro

WhatsApp Pro is the latest WhatSApp MOD developed with all the advanced features of all the other WA MODs.

This application is very focused on design and some main features. This application is also quite immune as anti-banned WhatsApp with text features, attributes, and styles that can be adjusted by users.

WhatsApp Info WhatsApp Pro
Version 2.80
Size 26.2MB
The developer Sam

19. KRWhatsApp

WA The last alternative mod is KRWhatsApp. With this WhatsApp Mod, you can get a fairly complete set of things. Like management chat, privacy and options to customize the appearance of the interface.

WhatsApp Info KRWhatsApp
Version 8.0
Size 35.9MB
The developer Khalid Nasser

If you find an error download link, please report immediately in the comments column to improve the link.

How to Install WhatsApp MOD

After you choose one of the best WhatsApp Mod applications above, then do it installation.

For its own way is also not much different from installing applications on Android. It’s just that there is option important you have to do, i.e. activate unknown source.

  • First, make sure you have downloaded WhatsApp MOD first.
  • Once installed, please log in to Settings on Android.
  • Then enter the menu SafetyActivate Unknown source. For Samsung users, please click Biometrics and Safety then choose Install unknown application.
How to Install WhatsApp MOD
  • After that, install WhatsApp MOD which you have downloaded from the notification bar. Or you can by entering the application Android File Manager and look for the WhatsApp MOD application, then install.
How to Install WhatsApp plus

How to use WhatsApp MOD

Already installed WA MOD, but still confused how to use it? Calm down, friend Here are some ways you can try setting up WhatsApp MOD.

How to Setting WhatsApp MOD Privacy Features

As I wrote above earlier. WhatsApp Mod not only has the feature of hiding the last seen info or removing the WhatsApp blue check, there are many more.

Well, to activate the privacy feature in WA MOD you can follow the following way:

  • First, please click point 3 in the upper right corner
  • Then choose Privacy.
  • After that, just choose privacy as you wish.

The method above applies to WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, or FMWhatsApp. Especially for YoWhatsApp, you won’t find these settings, because the location is a little different.

To set privacy features in YoWhatsApp:

  • First, please click point 3 in the upper right corner
  • Then choose YoMods.
  • After that, tap Privacy and Security then the privacy settings as you wish.

How to Download WhatsApp MOD Themes

Next there is a way to change the WhatsApp MOD theme. By changing the theme of WA, of course we are not easily bored when chattingan. There are tons of WhatsApp themes that you can download.

To download the WhatsApp MOD theme, both on WhatsApp Plus, YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, or other WA MOD, the same method Sob.

The following example changes the theme using GBWhatsApp:

  • First, please open YoMods then choose FMThemes.
How to Download WhatsApp MOD Themes
  • After entering the theme settings, tap Download YoThemes, then select the desired theme.
How to download WhatsApp plus Themes
  • If so, click Install it and wait for the download process to finish.
  • After the theme is downloaded successfully, WhatsApp will restart automatically and apply a new theme.

How to Download WhatsApp MOD Story

If on the original WhatsApp we have to chat the story owner first to get the desired photo or video. On WhatsApp MOD, all you have to do is click download and get the story right away.

How to do? The trick is very easy:

  • First, you stay open status or story (free of photos or videos) that you want to save.
  • Then tap download icon in the lower right corner.
How to Download WhatsApp MOD Story
  • Later the video or photo, will be stored in the Gallery of your handphone.

How to Extend Video Status Duration

Who would have thought, it turns out the duration of the Story video on WhatAspp can also be extended, this is all thanks to WhatsApp MOD. The method is quite easy, which is as follows.

Extend video duration through WA Plus, GBWA and OGWA:

  • First, tap point icon 3.
  • Then choose Plus /GB /OG Settings.
  • Then select the menu Media Sharing.
  • Then please tick Video limite for status (Increase Video Status Limit to 7 Minutes instead of 30 seconds).

If you use YOWA:

  • First tap on Point icon 3 which is in the upper right corner.
  • Then select the menu YoMods.
  • Then enter the menu Universal -> MOD -> then check 5-minute Status at the very bottom.

How to Update WhatsApp MOD

Similar to WhatsApp Messenger on Google PlayStore, WhatsApp MOD can also update, through its official website. So, try to always do my friend an update routine if there is a newer version.

For those who don’t know, here’s how to update WhatsApp MOD:

  • First, open the WhatsApp MOD setting on YoMods or in other WA MOD (names can be different).
  • Then, open the menu Update and choose check for updates to find out if there are any an update the latest version or not.
How to Update WhatsApp MOD
  • If there is an update For the latest, please click Web download and download WhatsApp MOD on the website.
  • Finally, install the application as above.

By updating, the application that you use will get the latest cool features. In addition, this method is also quite effective to minimize the occurrence of banned WhatsApp.


Q: Secure Using WhatsApp MOD?
A: All WhatsApp MOD that I shared on this link is completely 100% safe. This is because I immediately shared a link from the official website without even a mirror link.

Q: What are the Risks of Using WhatsApp MOD?
A: The risk of using WhatsApp MOD carelessly is hit banned. But I have minimized it by recommending the best WhatsApp MOD application that is quite immune banned above.

Q: Is WhatsApp MOD slow and takes up a lot of RAM?
A: No, as long as I use WhatsApp MOD I never experience slow, even the use of RAM is not far with WA Official. Maybe it’s slow or not WA MOD is more directly proportional to the Mobile Phone spec you use.

Q: Can WhatsApp MOD be updated?
A: Can, about ways an update WhatsApp MOD I have written above.

Q: Is WhatsApp MOD Support For Xiaomi?
A: All of the WhatsApp MOD applications that I shared support for all types of Xiaomi, even in all other types of Android brands.

That’s the complete sunday about the latest WhatsApp MOD from TechIndia. If you think this article is useful, don’t forget to help share it with your friends too. thanks.

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