1. No LED Notification

redmi 8a pro

The disappointing point of the Redmi 8A Pro is the absence of a notification LED. This feature is indeed quite simple but this feature is one of the features that are needed. Why? Because with the notification LED, users don’t need to bother opening the homepage or the mobile menu to simply check for incoming chat or e-mail.

2. No Infrared

Xiaomi Redmi 8A Dual

Redmi 8A Pro is a cellphone that doesn’t support infrared. In fact, many mobile phones from Xiaomi that support this feature. Redmi 8A also doesn’t support infrared, and this Pro version should feature infrared.

3. No Fingerprint

redmi 8a pro

If it doesn’t present the Infrared feature, it would be nice if the Redmi 8A Pro is equipped with a fingerprint sensor. There is indeed a face recognition sensor but this makes Redmi 8A Pro actually not too much different from Redmi 8A.


Redmi 8A Pro is basically a Redmi 8A phone with minor enhancements. The “Pro” frills on this phone don’t feel like “Pro” because the most prominent improvement is only in the presence of two rear cameras and a slightly different design.

Other specifications, there is nothing too special offered by Redmi 8A Pro. However, in the class price of Rp1 million, Redmi 8A Pro is certainly worthy of choice when compared to Redmi 8A. Then, what if compared to Redmi 8? Redmi 8 is superior in camera sensors with better openings and the presence of a fingerprint sensor. Interested in proposing to the Redmi 8A Pro?